Industries We Serve

Much like the insurance industry itself, Mullen Coughlin services organizations from every sector, including:

  • Financial/Banking Institutions.  We’ve represented scores of banks and financial institutions throughout the country, as financial and banking institutions are – and will continue to be – a high-value target for cyber-attacks and fraud.  In accordance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Interagency Guidances, and other federal and state rules, the financial sector is more attuned to the importance of data security than most.
  • The healthcare industry manages practically all kinds of sensitive data, including medical diagnoses, treatment information, Social Security numbers, credit/debit card information, next of kin information, employee information, and more.  This information is often times contained not only in electronic format, but in paper and other historical formats (i.e., microfiche).  Entities in the healthcare sector are governed not only by state law but also HIPAA.
  • With credit and debit card transactions accounting for the large majority of payment methods at most entities and businesses, retailers are frequent targets of cyber criminals or the victim of simple human error.  Retailers are governed by state law, and by contracts with merchant banks and card brands that require a certain standard of security be maintained and certain steps be taken to investigate and respond to an event involving unauthorized disclosure of credit or debit card information.
  • Primary, secondary, and continuing education entities are a hotbed of personal information relating to current and former students, applicants, alumni, staff, and parents/kin and are subject to both state and federal law regarding the security of such data.
  • Government and Non-Profit.  Municipal, state governmental and non-profit entities possess a wealth of personal information including tax records, licensing applications and records, financial account information, and employee data.  When a governmental or non-profit entity experiences a privacy event, there will be not only legal but also political implications that must be considered during the investigation and disclosure.
  • Professional Services.  Auditors, law firms, design and engineering professionals, outsourced employee benefits providers, billing and collections providers, and other consultants have significant amounts of data belonging to their clients and their clients’ clients.  These organizations are vulnerable to privacy events arising from both malicious actors and negligence.

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